This is a new opportunity to bring people together without violence - to tune in to the thoughts that suit your earnest desires. Public consciousness rearranged based on that picture of the world, which attracts more and more peoples attention with an open mind, not an ordinary majority.These people raise to new heights the important and valuable topics for a society that can not be trampled media noise effects.Social consciousness is divided now active and passive streams and consolidation of forces takes place on voluntary choice of your own thoughts: what to join, and what - no. Where to get your attention, to redirect the focus, so the choice should be informed. There are people who are easily manipulated, they are people with a dependent type of thinking and emotion oriented sacrificial.But the more people focus on a specific task, the goal you want to achieve together, the more it is sent inspiration or climb to a higher altitude. This idea becomes viable, that is, the real to the execution, as it absorbed the energy of the people expressing it. Certain ideas, support each other and merge into a single stream.


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